Athens Do-It-Together

Project: Athens Do-It-Together | Year: 2013 | Client: City of Athens | Location: Athens | Architect: Haris Biskos | Art Curator In Charge: Dimitris Habesis (Phase 1) | Project Management: AT Management | Team (Phase 1): Haris Biskos, Thodoris Svoronos | Commission: Direct Commission

Athens Do-It-Together is a proposal for a syntactic of temporary urban interventions which unfolds as a pin-point master plan in the historical centre of Athens. The project has been integrated into the City of Athens operational program, «Project Athens», a program of direct interventions in the urban space and the economy of Athens, which utilizes resources from the structural funds of the European Union for development projects in the city.

The main objective of this overarching plan of ephemeral interventions is to re-activate untapped downtown areas and to contribute into a midterm commercial revitalization operating in an environment of economic and social crisis. At the same time, as a productive platform for the the implementation of new ideas, it provides ground for experimentation to new, emerging creative networks and “city makers” who participate in the design procedures and the implementation of the individual interventions. Young artists, creative networks and collectives that have emerged in the city of Athens within the era of financial crisis, NGOs, research groups and communities join in a creative process to change together the image of contemporary Athens.

Through this project specific interventions are announced in selected parts of the city that are idle, empty from public and commercial activities and which conceal a potentiality in terms of their urban influence. Resources which remain unexploited such as vacant shops and empty storefronts and could accommodate small art exhibitions illuminating deserted and dark locations. Empty buildings or buildings which are reconstructed and that could be the foundation for large-scale interventions in the city’s facades. Arcades that are mis-used and that could host collective actions. Public places of larger scale that could be converted into ephemeral landmarks.

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