Re-Launching Athens

Project: Re-Launching Athens: Municipality of Athens Operational Program 2012-2025 | Year: 2012 | Client: City of Athens | Editors in Chief: Yannis Aesopos, Haris Biskos | Book Design & Diagrams: Haris Biskos | Texts: City of Athens, AT Management, Yannis Aesopos, Haris Biskos | Research: AT Management, Haris Biskos | Project Management: AT Management | Commission: Direct Commission

Re-launching Athens is a project that aims at the financial, social and morphological renewal of  Athens City. It has to do with the understanding of a historic urban space and, at the same time, with the modernization of an abandoned and sorely tried urban landscape. The aim is to cover preexisting needs of its people, such as the upgrading of the quality of life of specific groups of the population (abused women, children, and the elderly etc.) and the creation of the necessary green spaces, as well as needs that occurred due the financial and social crisis. The Municipality of Athens has included these interventions as parts of a broader multi-level strategic plan for the development of the city that extends up to 2020. The strategic planning is continuously evolving and consists of actions and programs that are realized within the three year period of 2012-2015 and which prepare the coordinated intervention up to 2020.

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